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Two OMAX precision waterjet machining centers - accurate up to ±0.003”
Jetmachining Benefits
Reduces machining processes, can provide production or limited runs on short notice, nesting of parts
Machines most metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and composite materials
Offers large-scale precision machining for larger parts or multiple parts from large stock up to 6’ by 12’,
Will not create heat affected zones or mechanical stresses
No noxious gases, liquids or oils used or generated with this process
OMAX 0607a.JPG
Ha shield09.JPG
CusMill Pedestal bracket 06.JPG
•  Positioning accuracy: up to ±0.003” (±0.08mm)
•  Table Size: 174” x 91” (4419mm x 2311mm)
•  Footprint: 243”L x 134”W x 144”H
•  X-Y Travel: 168” x 80” (4267mm x 2032mm)
Both the piece and the letttering are cut at  one time on the OMAX waterjet
A machine bracket cut  from 3.5” aluminum bar
Two CNC plasma cuttters built for precision, light-plate fabrication
•  Bed: 72” x 120”
•  Can handle materials up to 1.25” thick
•  Three different cutting tools including HyDefinition plasma, conventional plasma and air scribe
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