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Small and large fabrications in whatever quantity is required
Welding: MIG, TIG, Stick
Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper,
copper-nickel alloys, alloy tool steels, titanium
Crane capacity: five tons
Press Breaks: gauges and plate
Shears: gauge and plate
Saws: band, vertical, disc, cold and hot
Burning: 2 hy-definition, CNC plasma, hand torch
Welding certifications - AWS (equate to ISO 5817C)
D1.1  steel
D1.2  aluminum
D1.3  sheet metal
D1.6  stainless steel
D17.1  titanium
Welding certifications - Military
Nav Sea S9074-AR-G1B-010/248
Steel, stainless steel, monel
Nav Sea S9074-AR-G1B-010/278
Slip ring 0608.JPG
Ttitanium weldment  with 16,000-pound pull test certification (D17.1)
Splash apron top.JPG
MH welding alum frame 07.JPG
A-36 steel - two-man cab (D1.1)
L alumbracket09.JPG
SS304 - hollow part, filled with water (D1.6)
Aluminum bracket -  (D1.2)
6061-T6 - Aluminum frame (D1.2)
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Cab w person 0908.JPG
NDI Mt 1207a.JPG
4320 - mounting bracket
(Nav Sea S9074-AR-G1B-010/248)